A group of large urology practices, including Comprehensive Urologic Care, recently set out to look at ways to reduce the number of infections following prostate biopsies. During their research and analysis, they found that new protocols appeared to reduce the infection rate following prostate biopsy by 53%.

CUC was the only urology practice from Illinois to participate in the nationwide study.

Although the risk of infection is low, it’s the most common complication of prostate biopsies. Given the number of prostate biopsies performed nationwide, reducing the infection rate by half could significantly improve outcomes for patients and reduce healthcare costs.

“By developing a standardized biopsy proto-col with specific emphasis on incorporating an augmented antibiotic prophylactic regimen based upon local antibiograms, we were able to demonstrate in a prospective trial across nine geographically distinct community practices a significant reduction in the incidence of infection-related complications.”

Review the study here: MedReviews