There are lots of reasons you may consider a vasectomy. It’s close to 100% effective, permanent, and cheaper compared to other options. It’s also a simple procedure – only taking about 20 minutes in your doctor’s office.

But you may not have thought about how it can improve your sex life. Here are three ways a vasectomy can improve your sex life:

1. A vasectomy removes the fear of pregnancy

A vasectomy is permanent birth control, so you won’t have to worry about pregnancy. You don’t need to worry about birth control during or before sex, so you won’t have to stop the action or do any kind of preparation. Sex therapist Donald Cronk says removing emotional and physical barriers can have a big impact on how enjoyable sex is.

“Sexual pleasure is maximized when we are able to fully relax and become focused on what feels best in the moment. When we are worried about the outcomes of our sexual engagement, our eyes are removed from the prize right in front of us and the intensity of the future orgasm is diminished.”

2. A vasectomy doesn’t change your sex drive

The only change after a vasectomy is that your semen will no longer have sperm in it. Vasectomy doesn’t change your hormones or sex drive.

“There are a lot of men who wrongly believe they will be stripped of their virility if their semen no longer has sperm in it,” says Cronk. “Far from it! Men who have been cleared for sex after vasectomy are able to be in the moment with their partners and experience pleasure in a way they never have before.”

Vasectomy won’t change the feeling of orgasm or ejaculation. Your semen will be the same after a vasectomy, and without sperm, it won’t be able to get anyone pregnant.

3. A vasectomy takes the burden of birth control off your partner

A vasectomy removes the need for other birth control. Your partner will no longer need to be responsible for preventing pregnancy. Removing the worry of pregnancy can make sex more enjoyable for them, too. It may also strengthen your relationship.

When you don’t need preparation, sex can be more spontaneous. You and your partner can focus on each other instead of birth control.

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