At Comprehensive Urologic Care we are committed to ongoing research and development for better knowledge, care, and therapy in urologic medicine. That’s why we participate in ongoing clinical research studies which help determine which treatments and medicines are more effective than others. Patients take part in clinical trials for many reasons. They may hope for a cure to a disease, a longer time to live, or a way to feel better. And some patients want to contribute to a research effort that may help others. Because CUC participates in clinical trials, our patients have the distinct advantage of access to advanced treatments years before they might become available to the general public. Currently, Comprehensive Urologic Care is participating in three clinical studies that include studies for Prostate Cancer, and Bladder Cancer. If you would like to participate in one of our studies, please talk to your physician.


New: ProVent Trial- This trial is for patients who have new diagnosis of prostate cancer. These patients can either be on active surveillance, or can be considering surgery or radiation. In this trial, patients are treated with an immunotherapy.

ProVent Trial at


CONQUER Trial- This trial is for patients who have a new diagnosis of bladder cancer. These patients should have never had BCG treatment in the past.

CONQUER Trial at


PRONOUNCE (Ferring) Trial- This trial is for patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and also have a history of cardio vascular disease. Patient is about to start hormone treatment for prostate cancer.

PRONOUNCE (Ferring) Trial at



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