Dr. Lewis Named President of Chicago Urological Society

Dr. Tamara Lewis of Comprehensive Urologic Care of Lake Barrington, IL was named President of the Chicago Urological Society. Organized in April of 1903, the purpose of the Society is the cultivation and improvement of the science and art of urology, the study of the genital tract in the male, and the urinary tract in both sexes. The Society also endeavors to bring together those physicians in the Chicago area who are interested in this field and to encourage research.


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March is National Kidney Health Month

 Kidney Stone Prevention

The recent warm weather reminds us that summer days aren’t too far away, and as the temperature and humidity rise so does the likelihood of kidney stones. In the warm weather your body tends to lose more water from sweat and other sources which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration results in a more concentrated urine with higher levels of calcium, oxalate, and other minerals which can promote kidney stone formation. If you are prone to kidney stones, it is important to employ a few tactics to prevent them. The mainstay is to increase water intake to dilute urine as much as possible to lower the urinary calcium concentration. Adding citrate to your diet, for example by squeezing a lemon wedge into a glass of water, will help prevent stones from crystallizing as well. Finally, limiting dietary sodium and animal protein is also beneficial. One common myth that should be dispelled is the notion that stone formers need to limit dietary calcium. To the contrary, avoiding calcium may result in bone disease such as osteoporosis and in some individuals may paradoxically increase your tendency to form new stones.


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CUC College Basketball Event March 16, 2017

This March, Comprehensive Urologic Care is hosting it’s annual college basketball Vasectomy event.

Schedule your vasectomy on Thursday, March 16, 2017, and you’ll have an excuse to watch all of the games with the full support of those around you! On the day of our event, vasectomy patients get to watch the games on our flat screen TVs during their appointment, enjoy complimentary snacks and receive an Official Recovery Kit featuring: VasectoPeaz® Post Vasectomy Cold Therapy System and Comprehensive Urologic Care’s 2017 T-Shirt. Appointments available at our Lake Barrington and Elgin Offices. Call (847)382-5080 to schedule.

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Chicago Magazine has named Dr. David Goldrath among Chicago’s Top Cancer Doctors.

Chicago Magazine named Dr. David Goldrath of Comprehensive Urologic Care among Chicago’s Top Cancer Doctors. The list, featured in the magazine’s January 2017 edition, recognizes exceptional physicians across the Chicago area as nominated by their peers.

Please find the story here: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/January-2017/Top-Cancer-Doctors/

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Millions of Americans Have Overactive Bladders

According to experts sighted in this article from the New York Times, approximately 51 million Americans have overactive bladders and most wait years before seeking help from a physician.


Why wait to get help when experts say that exercises and medications can help. If frequent trips to the restroom or urine leakage are affecting your quality of life, please make an appointment with Comprehensive Urologic Care by calling 847-352-5080. For more information please visit www.compurocare.com.

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Learn about Prostate Cancer Prevention during Prostate Health Month

Prostate Cancer Prevention

There’s no sure way to prevent prostate cancer. Study results often conflict with each other and most studies aren’t designed to definitively prove whether something prevents prostate cancer. As a result, no clear ways to prevent prostate cancer have emerged.

In general, doctors recommend that men with an average risk of prostate cancer make choices that benefit their overall health if they’re interested in prostate cancer prevention.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Maintain Healthy Weight

Exercise Most Days of the Week

Talk to Your Doctor about your risk and make the decision about testing


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Get Checked during Prostate Health Month

Get Checked!

According to the CDC, Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among American men. Most prostate cancers grow slowly, and don’t cause any health problems in men who have them.

Men have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer if they are 50 years old or older, are African-American, or have a father, brother, or son who has had prostate cancer. African-American men with prostate cancer are more likely to die from the disease than white men with prostate cancer.

Cancer screening means looking for cancer before it causes symptoms.

Two tests are commonly used to screen for prostate cancer—

•Digital rectal exam (DRE): A doctor or certified physician assistant inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum to estimate the size of the prostate and feel for lumps or other abnormalities.

•Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test: Measures the level of PSA in the blood. PSA is a substance made by the prostate. The levels of PSA in the blood can be higher in men who have prostate cancer. The PSA level may also be elevated in other conditions that affect the prostate.


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During Prostate Health Month Learn about Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society says that men should make an informed decision on whether or not to be screened for prostate cancer. This means you should learn about prostate cancer and testing, and think about the risks and possible benefits. Then after talking with your doctor, you should decide if testing is the right choice for you. For more information go to http://compurocare.com/prostate-specific-antigen-psa/ and make an appointment with your CUC urologist by calling 847-382-5080.


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September is Men’s Prostate Health Month:

September is Men’s Prostate Health Month:

Some 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions that impact their quality of life. Roughly 90% of men over the age of 70 and 50% of men over the age of 50 have some degree of an enlarged prostate.

Prostate cancer is treated best when discovered early and it isn’t the only condition affecting the prostate. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate, is a common, non-cancerous condition in older men in which the prostate gland enlarges, causing a number of symptoms.


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Dr. Keuer Records Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement on Prostate Cancer

Dr. Keuer recently recorded a HealthBeat radio spot for Centegra Health System about Prostate Cancer Detection and Treatment. Listen for Dr. Keuer’s Public Service Announcement on the radio August 15th through the 28th or listen to it now:

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