Despite advances in treatment for localized prostate cancer, some patients have their cancer recur or they present with disease that has already spread to other parts of the body.  In most of these cases the likelihood of complete cure is low.  The cancer can however be controlled through the use of multiple treatment modalities, in some cases, for many years.

prostate_cancerMany patients with advanced prostate cancer are seen in our Champions Clinic.  This is currently run out of our Lake Barrington facility and is overseen by Dr. Richard Troy.  The Clinic helps organize patients’ treatment plans, monitor responses to treatments, monitor bone health, and assess for any complications.  Many of the latest advanced treatments for prostate cancer are offered, including androgen deprivation (Lupron and Firmagon), Provenge immunotherapy, Prolia, Xgeva, and Zytiga. The Champions Clinic is a comprehensive cancer care program incorporating not only the recent medical, surgical and radiation treatments, but also providing resources addressing our patients health and wellness needs.  Lifestyle counseling, weight management and exercise programs are available through the Champions clinic.  Dr. Troy has established relationships with local palliative care, wellness, and hospice programs and makes referrals to these organizations when appropriate.

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